Tips and tricks

With a few clicks, you can now save lots of time

If you have access to StorePictures or Leaflet Data in your solution, you can easily, simply and efficiently get pictures from Store Pictures and Leaflet Data into PowerPoint presentations.

It is simple to install and update directly from our website

Link to:

StorePictures add-in

Leaflet data add-in

After installing the add-in in PowerPoint, you get access to a new top banner with one or two new features – CMS Leaflet and/or CMS Store.

Open CMS Store and get direct access to your image and leaflet database in PowerPoint.

Then it becomes very efficient to work with your images in PowerPoint. As an example you can select all images including metadata and with one click, create a PowerPoint presentation with all the photos from a chain, an activity, a brand, a store, etc. for a given period, for a sales trip etc.

You save time in a busy life – easy, simple and very effective.

If you have access to Leaflet data, it is very simple to download pictures from supermarket leaflets directly into PowerPoint. At the same time, you can combine images with screen dumps from selected reports showing sales before, during and after the activity.

 Click on Insert picture and get the picture from the supermarket’s leaflet directly to PowerPoint

Save a lot of time and makes it a little easier in daily life. Download i.e. sales results in a Development Report and select Secondary Fact – Promotion Volume and Value. Insert report in PowerPoint presentation.

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