“From the start, we have had a close dialog with CatMan about our wishes and CatMan has been a very good business partner. We have started the project from a new “business” meaning that neither we nor the customers have been used to the data discipline that we found out that was required and which was missing in the business.

Despite the challenges we have had with data, CatMan has been more than helpful and solution-oriented, so that we always got the maximum benefit of our data. We have not felt that our wishes did not get implemented, at any time when it was possible, and CatMan came with suggestions to solve the complication that we have meet all the way through.

The extent of the project, the complexity in the data we have worked with, and the time, came as a surprise for both Fiskars and CatMan, but together we have solved the challenges and we have got a system that gives us a better insight inti our business and market which makes us even better at making the right decisions.”

Stig Lindeberg
Category Specialist, Funtional, Cluster Scandinavia
Trade Marketing

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Below you find all relevant cases from our customers.

From the start, we have had a close dialog with CatMan about our wishes and CatMan has been a very good sounding partner.

Merrild (Lavazza) has worked for several years with CatMan®Solution as a sales consultant and KAM tool. This year, they have chosen to take another step in relation to the use

Cederroth has found a simple and useful tool with CatMan®Solution.

For L'Oréal, CatMan®Solution gives the opportunity to have, on an informed and fact-based, a dialogue with chain managers or the individual store, to achieve common goals.

With CatMan®Solution Colgate-Palmolive gets the possibility to create an overview of the consumer's buying behavior based on actual, live and direct comparable data.

Mondelez is able to provide the sales force and the regional managers, weekly updated sales data on specific products and categories down to store level, by using CatMan®Solution.

Toms had good experiences with CatMan®Solution elsewhere in the organization, including connection with sales to Danish Supermarket. Therefore, it made good sense to use the solution as far as possible

To get an overview and a factual basis to developing sales efforts, Taffel decided to handle Danish Supermarket POS data by using CatMan®Solution.

The switch to CatMan®Solution has had a major impact on the way sales and marketing work at Santa Maria.

With the cloud based business intelligence solution from CatMan Solution, the decision making swiftly at Unilever Sweden.