Promotion V2

Continuously optimizing your promotion strategies and tactics

Creating a more user friendly and effective promotion module in CatMan

Improving your promotion investments

  • Creating the platform for better and more effective promotion strategies and tactics
  • Analyze and understand best practice promotions in “real time”
  • Creating true promotion profitability based on both ERP data and EPOS-data
  • Continuously Improve promotion effectiveness and profitability

Tracking promotions

  • Forecasting year end results – where are your business headed customer by customer
  • Answering critical key questions related to promotions 

Get a quick overview of how the promotion v2 reports can increase your promotion effectively in the video below:

Key questions which could be answered using promotion V2

Which of your promotion has performed best related to
– Increase in volume, units, units lift, sales value, sales value lift, profitability and ROI?

What are the promotion key drivers to success
– Evaluating promotion types, prices levels and promotion mechanics?

Do we have regional and or local performance differences and growth opportunities?
– Evaluating brands, banners and channels

Promotion pressure
– How is our promotion pressure developing? How has our promotion share developed? Do we have a fair share of promotions?

How has our promotion investments developed
– Relative compared to sales, by brand, by retailer, by banner, by region?

Do we have a promotion sales potential? If yes, on which brands, retailers and banners?


To get a real qualified overview of how many of our promotion and marketing activities works, we have analyzed POS data by using CatMan®Solution for several years.

Lisa Vexøe
Sales Operations Manager hos Mondelez


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