My Business in CatMan®Solution version 3

Dashboards and reports are targeted the management and gives a quick overview of how the business progresses, based on POS data.

My Business consists of a set of dashboards and reports, designed to give the management a better strategic and tactical decision basis – quick and efficient – and without the use of too many, expensive related to data management.

In CatMan®Solution you find report groups and concepts, such as:

  • Promotion management
  • New launchings
  • Focus on development
  • Status and ranking
  • Benchmarks and potentials
  • Zero sale and distribution
  • Price analyzer
  • StorePictures and StoreEvent
  • Stock analysis

The solution is cloud based, which makes it possible for all relevant employees within an organization – both locally and across countries – to get access and analyze the latest updated data anywhere and anytime to take qualified business decisions.

All dashboards, reports and excel-models are designed to help identify potential and growth opportunities, based on available data such as POS data, promotions, statistical market information and your own sales data.


CatMan®Solution – a cloud based business intelligence solution – prompted us to act swiftly to leverage and invest, in order to support our ambitions.

Laurent Edin
Nordic Supply Chain Customer Manager at Unilever

Tips and tricks

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The zero sale and On Shelf Availability (OSA) concept was launched for the first time at the DLF conference “Ready for the annual negotiations” last year. The concept was upgraded in

When we talk about good ideas then the StoreEvent concept in CatMan®Solution is a really good tool, in a fast and efficient way to ensure that you can follow up

With the new NPI (New Product Introduction) report, we have made it easier to follow issues and possibilities regarding new launches, very close and fast. So fast that you have time

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