9 out of 10* would recommend Store Pictures to others

With CatMan®StorePictures, we meet the old saying that a picture says more than a thousand words.

StorePictures is an application, which combines your pictures of specific (local) activities, promotions, shelves and planograms directly with POS data, thereby deriving a way of analyzing the “in store” results of an activity.

It is easy, simple and more efficient to handle and sort pictures of activities and performances in the stores.

StorePictures is an efficient way to get a visual view of what is happening in retail and which consequences it has for the sales results.

It is possible to sort after a range of different variables in the StorePicture database, such as:

  • Customers, chains, stores, etc.
  • Activities, promotion, etc.
  • Regions, districts, sales consultants, etc.
  • Categories, products, etc.
  • Periods, months, weeks, days, etc.

Each picture is easily provided with a variety of metadata, such as name of the store, activity, etc., which allows you to group pictures according to stores, banners, dates, products and promotions.


With StorePicture we get a very quick and efficient solution. We use CatMan®Solution and StorePicture to develop and analyze best-practice case solutions, when it comes to displays, campaigns, distribution and prices. The knowledge we know have got is going to secure good solutions for all, for us, for the stores and for the consumers.

Jacob Sylvest
Sales Manager at The Whole Company

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CatMan®StorePictures meet the old saying that a picture says more than a thousand words. With this new version, you can upload and manage your pictures in CatMan®Solution directly from your

With CatMan®StorePictures we meet the old saying that a picture says more than a thousand words.

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