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CatMan Solution is continuously developing its offering, adding more data sources that can be handled seamlessly for their clients

Business Insights

5 questions to ask yourself before you present your Business Insights.

Presenting facts is one thing, but often just leads to observations. The big leap you need to take is to identify insights and be able to present these supported by facts in a visual way so that your audience can follow your logic.


3 reasons why you should not be focusing on Market Share Change

Follow up on market share change sounds easy enough, but can be more tricky than you might think. Especially if you have a market share target for your business.


4 Steps to Uncover Strategic Business Insights and Opportunities.

There are a few logic steps to undertake when you start to analyze your business and your market. If you skip these steps it´s easy that you end up with the wrong conclusions and by doing so you might up taking the wrong strategic decisions for your business.


4 Ways to Analyse Your Point-of-Sale Data

The big advantage with retailer POS-data is that it´s near time data. This allows for a flexible, customizable views of time periods and a truly data driven approach. With near time data you can conduct both trend analysis as well as daily analyses and even hourly results in some cases.


Seven key questions to ask before requiring retail data.

Buying retail data represents a significant investment for most companies and it´s therefor worth reflecting upon how you utilize that data and how you use it effectively for your brands in a way that makes sense both to you and your customer.