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6 good reasons to replace spreadsheets with BI as a service! - CatMan Solution

There are many good reasons to replace your spreadsheets with a Business Intelligence service.

Below you find some of the decisive reasons

  1. Analyzing and comparing data from different data sources.
    The disadvantages with spreadsheets: Missing connectionsCombining data from different data sources in a spreadsheets, can be quite difficult and may cause you to stick to simplified analyzes that only gives you limited knowledge and understanding.With a Business Intelligence service using CatMan Next: We can help you manage and organize all the data you want from various internal and external data sources. It allows for better overview, with more varied and analytical approaches using features, such as “what if” and machine learning.
  2. Automatic data update – Building a centralized data store.
    The disadvantages with spreadsheets: Lack of data control, difficult to test and troubleshoot.Manual data update and manual data collection in spreadsheets are simply unmanageable, resource-intensive and virtually impossible for a data driven company. In addition, key figures are often only analyzed weekly, monthly or quarterly. Giving you an ad hoc approach to a dynamic and constantly changing world.With a Business Intelligence service using CatMan Next: Your data is stored in one place. A centralized data storage, helps you structure your most relevant data, rather than having to control them in multiple spreadsheets. Data could be automatically updated on hourly basis, if needed, which means that you can track your KPI’s the right away, without delays and manual procedures.
  3. High Flexibility and easy setup of analyzes.
    The disadvantages with spreadsheets: Lack of agile business approaches and flexibility.With spreadsheets, it may be difficult to add other calculations in the same sheet. Therefore, you often need to open multiple spreadsheets. in different versions, with different metrics, which may limit the overview. Also, your colleagues may have different spreadsheets. When comparing all these spreadsheets, you can easily use a significant amount of resources to validate and match the numbers, rather than analyze the actual content.With a Business Intelligence service using CatMan Next: You will be able to add, twist and turn your analysis the way it suits you with a few clicks, having the same understanding among several functions and users within the organization.
  4. Eliminate the risk of errors
    The disadvantages with spreadsheets: Subject to errors or more versions of the truth.Even if you are an experienced spreadsheet user, there is no guarantee that you do it without errors from the beginning to the end. As you receive more data, the list of spreadsheets and formulas grows, making it very vulnerable to human error. A small mistake in the beginning, can lead to an avalanche of errors in the end, which will lead to the wrong conclusions.With a Business Intelligence service using CatMan Next: The data is automatically validated and there is only one version of the truth.
  5. Strengthens teamwork
    The disadvantages with spreadsheets: Not designed for teamwork.Planning, forecasting, budgeting and reporting are rarely individual tasks. It requires a team of people to supply their input and analyze data together. If you work in teams, anyone with access can change the spreadsheet. That way, it can be difficult to keep track of who is responsible for the file and who has edited it. The many spreadsheets and the many changing hands, increase the risk of you or a colleague making mistakes. Passing spreadsheets around, takes too much time and the chance of someone working with an older version of the information. In addition, sensitive information can easily fall into the hands of the wrong people. A colleague with advanced expert management in the worksheet features, can easily develop a bottleneck with individual colleagues, relating to the need for new analysis. In addition, the company is in an impossible situation, if the employee leaves the company.With a Business Intelligence service using CatMan Next: You will have some of the most experienced professionals, servicing your solution. Creating a set of best practice templates, build on the experience of more than 50 consumer goods companies.
  6. Availability on multiple devices
    The disadvantages with spreadsheets: It is difficult to use on all device.It is difficult and ineffective to handle spreadsheets, if you want to share data and knowledge on several different devices.With a Business Intelligence service using CatMan Next: You get access to one of the most effective visualizations tools, prepared for all type of devices: PC, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

If you want to know more about how a Business Intelligence service using CatMan next can help you, please contact:

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