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This is a unique opportunity to celebrate our colleagues and honor our customers! - CatMan Solution

At CatMan Solution, we are proud of our competent colleagues, who are awarded on their knowledge, commitment and work.


Erik Svensen´s MVP Award, in the picture above.

Erik Svensen, the founder of CatMan Solution, has just received Microsoft´s “Most Valuable Professional” Award.
A honor for his outstanding technical communities and leadership in the past year.
Also, you can find Erik Svensen here: https://eriksvensen.wordpress.com/


Jens Vestergaard, who has just returned from Seattle, where he has been an expert speaker at the world´s largest Microsoft data platform conference, has received great positive feedback on his presentation, with words such as:
“Super Cool”
“This was remarkably well done”
” It is clear there are few experts in this field. This speaker did a great job of showing off knowledge to get us started ”

For our customers, it means that we are always at the forefront of the latest technical knowledge.

If you want to know more about CatMan Solution please contact:

Commercial Director
Nils Thott
Phone: +46 76 536 80 99
E-mail: nils.thott@catmansolution.com