Catch the attention from the Store manager

Martin Saaby, in the video above.

Watch CatMan Solutions, Martin Saaby, explain, how we have built a best practice solution for the Sales Rep. in on easy-to-use-report.
The new solution includes pictures taken in the store combined with data. This makes best practice easy and accessible for everyone.

Before the Sales Reps. had to collect information from different data sources to evaluate store activities, now it is gathered in one easy-to-use-report that allows Sales Reps to easily find the potentials and give a real data driven advice in the store.

For the Sales Reps. it means:
You can see all KPI´s gathered in one place.
Make a deep dive on SKU and store level.
Get best practice for all your pictures with minimum effort.

We can help you manage and organize all the data you want – from various internal and external data sources for a better overview.
It is build on one of the most effective visualizations tools, prepared for all type of devices: PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

If you want to get the most out of any activity and learn more about, how a Business Intelligence service using CatMan Next can help you, please contact:

Commercial Director
Nils Thott
Phone: +46 76 536 80 99