Just a smarter and more effective way to knowledge and understanding.

In the video above Partner at CatMan Solution, Kenneth Codam, talks about BI as a service.


Based on our customers data our aim is to supply sufficient and relevant knowledge when they need it.

Most companies have access to many different types of data, both internal and external, such as ERP data, CRM data, POS Data, Market data, Media data etc.
Often these data come in various formats, making it difficult and very time consuming to manage.

By using our service – The result is a dynamic data supermarket containing the data and data models you need to make sure that your business teams have the relevant knowledge and KPI’s which they need to take smart decisions.

If you want to know more about BI as a service, please contact:

Commercial Director
Nils Thott
Phone: +46 76 536 80 99
E-mail: nils.thott@catmansolution.com