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Two successful seminars this week - One in Gothenburg and one in Copenhagen at Kunstforeningen GL Strand! - CatMan Solution

CatMan Solution together with Tilbudsdata and Anne Glad in Copenhagen

Seminar together with, Claus Nykjær from Tilbudsdata, at Kunstforeningen GL. Strand.
Kenneth Codam, from CatMan Solution, presented CatMan Next, Furture Business intelligence as a Service – A World of New Analytical opportunities, Knowledge and Flexibility.
Anne Glad, presented her book “Danskernes Mad” (The Danish food); a Danish kitchen that is increasingly based on easy, fast and traditional meal solutions – A fun and eye-catching insight into the surprising regional differences in our little food nation and what products we put in the shopping cart.

CatMan Solution together with Genero, ICA and Orkla Care in Gothenburg

Nils Thott, from CatMan Solution, was given the opportunity to present our successful collaboration and project with Orkla Care, integrating Genero´s CRM data with POS data.

We can help you manage and organize all the data you want – from various internal and external data sources for a better overview.
CatMan Next CRM module increases the sales force ROI, enabling fact-based sales management with a user friendly and intuitive Business Intelligence tool.
The CatMan Next CRM module combines data from the CRM system with POS data and Promotion data, in one easy to use solution.
It supports sales managers and it helps sales reps to attack the personal store visits, with increased sales efficiency focusing on business opportunities.

With a CatMan Next CRM module, you can make quick and well-founded decisions, such as:
are we visiting the right store with the right frequency?
are we conducting right actions in-store?
are we efficiently managing distribution and visibility in-store?
are we driving sales with order taking – product mix and store potential?
are we accurate in forecasting and target setting?
are we taking full advantage in driving sales potential store by store?

CatMan Next CRM module helps streamline processes and increase profitability in corporate sales.
It is a versatile platform that stores all important data, in relation to developing, improving and maintaining the company’s customer relationship.

Nils Thott, talks about CatMan Next CRM integration in Swedish in a 9 minutes video above.
If you want to hear the 3 minutes English version click here

If you want to know more about how The CatMan Next module can help you, please contact:

Commercial Director
Nils Thott
Phone: +46 76 536 80 99
E-mail: nils.thott@catmansolution.com