We believe that by expanding and exchanging complex knowledge between other experts, we constantly ensure that we are at the forefront of the field

CatMan Solution is invited to participate with 3 experts and keynote speakers at The Power BI World Tour Copenhagen 11-12 September 2018.
The conference includes no less than 24 Power BI sessions divided into 3 sessions, where there will be something for everyone, who is interested in Power BI.
There will be speakers from Denmark and abroad, as well as a handful of Microsoft experts.
CatMan Solution is sponsors at The Power BI World Tour Copenhagen.

CatMan Solution 3 expert speakers at The Power BI World Tour Copenhagen:

Jens Vestergaard, Head of Development and Operations, will speak at two sessions:

  • “Intro to Power BI & Power Query“:
    In this session I will be demonstrating how easy Power BI lets you ingest almost anything; from simple files to complex multi-file scenarios.
    The Power BI Desktop application lets you solve 80% of the challenges you have with data via the GUI, and the other 20% we will deal with using the Advanced Editor.
    We will spend time in both accordingly. In detail we will be looking at these topics: Straight up file (csv, xlsx) Scraping Web Page Data (html) Header/Footer issues Variable number of columns Multiple File Formats (think historical changes) Binding Multiple Imports into a single table Crude Error handling Attending this session you’ll learn the basics of Power BI Desktop, as well as some neat tricks to get through the more complex scenarios. Additionally I will demonstrate how to deploy your home grown model into Azure Analysis Services.
  • “Power BI Best Practices”:
    Many Power BI projects start out on a small scale, likely as a prove of concept (PoC). Only too fast can the PoC turn into a complete data mashup mess.
    Based on a real-life customer implementation, I will demonstrate some of the practices we have implemented, in order to avoid some of the grave pitfalls that is lurking on every data endeavor.

Nils Thott, Country Manager SE, present a case together with Patrik Jonsson, ICA Store Owner:

  • “How can a Single Retail Outlet Become World Class in Sales & Gross Profit Management”:
    Learn how to drive profitability and optimize sales in local ICA stores by creating a hands-on reporting tool for store staff to create insight based actions with data on sales, customer flow, loyalty card and waste.

Erik Svensen, CEO at CatMan Solution presents:

  • “Power Query Behind the Scenes”:
    Microsoft Power Query is the transformation engine in Power BI. This is the engine that you do all data preparation before loading data into the model.
    This is the keystone of your Power BI solution. In this session, you will learn what Power Query can do.
    You will learn how M, the language behind the scene of Power Query, can be more beneficial than the Power Query graphical interface.
    You will see demos of transformations that you can do with M Code.
    You will learn about functions, parameters, generators and many other amazing features of this tool.

Agenda at a glance: https://www.pugworldtour.com/locations/copenhagen


Proficiency in Power BI is a highly sought-after skill in today´s data driven business environment.
Exchange of knowledge is the primary element of the Power BI World Tour, which gives users incredible learning opportunities to get the necessary skills in a highly competitive marketplace.
We, at CatMan Solution, are proud to participate and contribute with the knowledge of 3 keynote speakers.
We believe that by expanding and exchanging complex knowledge between other experts, we constantly ensure that we are at the forefront of the field.

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