5 questions to ask yourself before you present your Business Insights.

Presenting facts is one thing, but often just leads to observations. The big leap you need to take is to identify insights and be able to present these supported by facts in a visual way so that your audience can follow your logic.

  1. Does the slide communicate the full meaning of the data?
    Using visualizations for the data is a powerful way to explain for the audience what they are looking at. Is the insight written in clear, concise, and powerful sentence, supported by facts?
    Have in mind that an insight is not data. It´s just data. An observation is not an insight. It´s facts that lack the “why” and the “motivation”. Always get to the “why”.
  2. Is the strongest metric graphed?
    Always have in mind what you want to tell the audience. For example, index and chg% are two different ways to tell the same thing. But combined with other metrics then one or the other might be the best choice in order not to confuse the audience.
  3. Is the best graphic used?
    Various of visualizations are good at different things. Make sure you use the right visualizations for your purpose.
  4. Does the slide focus on the key Bleeders & Leaders?
    If you quickly can explain what´s growing vs declining it´s easier to guide the audience through your analysis to a conclusion and finally an insight.
  5. Are the visuals aesthetic clean and minimal?
    Less is more is often a good starting point. The visualizations themselves explain a lot and numbers often add a layer of complexity that can be used to a minimal for example.

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