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Why are clients buying CatMan Solution service

“The analysis you just performed in two minutes took me about two working days to conduct. Your Power BI report will free up a lot of time that can be spend on business-critical questions”
Senior Insights Consultant at a Market leading Nordic FMCG company

“The store reports allows for quick analysis of trends and sales comparisons between this year and the previous. In a recent discussion about new listings, the visual representation surprised a customers who was unaware of the sales uplift, making it easier to get new listing.”
Head of category smaller food supplier

“I used to spend two to three days on our monthly reporting. Now it takes me less than one hour”
Smaller packed goods supplier

“I used three to four days a month on internal management reporting. Now it’s done within one hour”
Market Manager, Confectionary manufacturer

“We were about to hire an additional employee to maintain reporting. That resource wasn’t necessary when we started using the Power BI reporting”
Global Marketing Director, Coffee Manufacturer, Nordics

“It’s an amazing tool. CatMan Solution provides us with better information and intuitive access to data all the way down to store level. With CatMan Solution we can maximize our daily sales and direct our sales force initiatives to where it matters the most. We can easily uncover opportunities for improving the shopping experience that otherwise would be invisible to us. We are very pleased with our collaboration with CatMan Solution. They are very proactive, understands our issues and are very fast and efficient to comply with what we agree upon.”

Andreas Winkel Peterson
Category Manager

“We went from a hugely manual system to using CatMan´s functionality. It’s truly night and day. Despite the challenges we have had with data, CatMan has been more than helpful and solution-oriented, so that we always get the maximum benefit of our data. We now have got a system that gives us a better insight into our business and market which makes us even better at making the right decisions.”

Stig Lindeberg
Category Specialist

CatMan Solution has changed the way we operate and report on our business. Now we are able to identify opportunities and react immediately if necessary to positively impact the business. We previously lacked the ability to consolidate and structure our POS data from our retailers for sound business decision making. With CatMan Solution we now have a set up that enables us to optimize sales all the way down to store level. The way of working has improved tremendously and it wouldn´t have been possible without CatMan Solution.

Laurent Edin
Nordic Supply Chain Customer Manager

“CatMan Store manage store level data, primarily ICA stores and is developed in collaboration with an ICA store owner. It is a fantastic tool that enable our Sales Reps to make better business with fact-based insights from the stores’ POS data.With category sales increase from a change in shelf placements and assortment optimization is a receipt that we have made the correct activities together with the store. Ferrero become the winner when the store increases their sales with the influence from our support. We have a responsible as the market leader to drive profitable sales.”

Mikael Lennartsson
Regional Field Sales Manager
Ferrero Scandinavia AB

“For us, it is about streamlining decision making. Instead of spending much of the time finding out how it goes we now can focus on solutions and opportunities instead. With CatMan Solution we have better access to data which promotes better understanding, and better understanding promotes better performance.”

Tom Faurschou
Sales Director

“We wanted to improve fact based decision making and optimize sales efforts by creating a win-win environment with the stores. Our goal was to provide concrete and simple ways to help our sales teams succeed. We realized that the collaboration between CatMan Solution and Genero for integrating sales-, market- and crm data was another way to ensure we were making the most of the time our sales reps are in the stores. We definitely believe we have found the best practice solution we were looking for.”

Martin Dahlberg
National Sales Manager

“With CatMan Solution we get all the information we possibly need in an easily accessible and customized way. It’s all there and saves me a TON of time. We have thanks to CatMan Solution managed to change the sales rep role to become more of consultants to the stores. Our fact-based dialogue with customers and stores gives us the opportunity to achieve common goals with them.”

Christian Vilmar.
Category Manager

After doing a lot of research, CatMan Solution came up as one of the better products. It´s not the cheapest solution, but in my opinion by far the best and most user friendly. It speeds up a lot of the processes that we’d manually have to do. It saves us a lot of time. I would recommend CatMan Solution through its ease of use with predefined reports that are easy to export to excel and power point if needed. Also on boarding a new sales consultant to the tool goes really quick and they become self-reliant in analysing opportunities on their district and stores within an hour. On the whole, the experience has been very good.

Torben Hallengren
Sales Manager

“Prior to using CatMan Solution we knew we had issues to address at store level, but we didn’t know what they were or how we could deal with them. It was a huge step forward when we realized it was much more effective to base our sales strategies on real-time data rather than on assumptions. With CatMan Solution our sales rep quickly gets an overview of how our categories are performing in the single stores and on this basis they can take initiatives. With an extensive sales force, it is important to have easy access to core information that makes it possible to optimize sales and take action, where it´s most beneficial. With CatMan Solution we have found a partner that helps us perform better everyday.”

Lisa Vexøe
Sales Operations Manager

“CatMan Solution has increased our efficiency tremendously. While it has saved us volumes of time and money, our sales have also gone through the roof because of it. Today we can easily figure out how individual sales reps are performing, so coaching and development becomes more focused. CatMan Solution knows our business and challenges. They are quick to deliver and good at follow up proactively throughout the implementation process. We now have a solution that gives us a real basis for continuously develop our sales.”

Dennis Lyngsø
Key Account Manager

CatMan Solution offered great ease of implementation and made us feel very comfortable. No one in our group had done this before, so they provided the expertise and had the process nailed down. Choosing CatMan Solution has had a major impact on the way sales and marketing work at Paulig. When we switched to CatMan Solution we got a more effective, much better and user-friendly solution. There is a world of difference, high praise to the CatMan Solution team and for the professional approach that we have encountered in our cooperation.

Michael Even Hansen

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Customised platforms case stories

Pågen integrate CatMan into their Dynamics CRM-tool

CatMan has open up new opportunities with stores by focusing on our profitable partnership with store by our Space and Promotion program, driving both sales and profitability. As a result, we became the natural Bakery partner in-store

Mathias Glimmerfelt, Category Manager @ Pågen Färskbröd AB

CatMan is successfully integrated in Pågen own CRM-tool, built on Dynamics. The solution enables a seamless integration of CatMan reports to Field Sales and Account & Category Management. End-users experience a user-friendly interface with intuitive and smart Power BI-reports which are filtered depending on sales rep using the CRM-tool. This setup is made possible through a close cooperation between CatMan, Pågen IT-dept and Pågen Category team.


Tjek developed a unique data model for Shopping Insights

With the help of CatMan Solution Tjek launched in 2020 “Insights by Tjek”. Tjek Insights is a Power BI service developed by CatMan Solution to help retailers and brands improve their marketing spend across channels, their campaigns, and much more. It’s being used by some of the largest brands in the world like Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Dr. Oetker and Colgate. Data comes from consumer apps that connect retailers with consumers around price deals and promotions. The consumer can browse promotions or search for a specific product or brands. The retailers learn about this and can then act accordingly. Tjek Insights is based on anonymous and clustered data from Tjek’s shopping apps. It doesn’t track people and can measure activity completely anonymous.

Everyone in the field uses Store Pictures.

It is an important tool when we need to convince the stores of the importance of the effort we make for them. We also use Store Pictures as a crucial tool for documentation to our partners. The fact that they have direct access to see ‘live updates’ of pictures in the store is an important parameter.

Niels Rasmussen, Head of Field Sales, Retail & Food Service @ Conaxess Trade

Great credit to the entire CatMan team.

We have just received our CatMan Next solution, and I have been very satisfied with the service we have received from the beginning to the final implementation. Our contact at CatMan has been both competent and very service-minded. Everyone at CatMan has just been ‘there’ when needed. It’s great to experience an IT collaboration partner that understands the customer’s challenges like CatMan.

Katrine Palmdahl Bek, Business Development Manager @ Essity

Often, when you need a new system, there is ‘resistance to change.’ CatMan’s understanding of our challenges has meant that we have almost avoided it this time. It has been very easy to switch from the old supplier to CatMan – great credit to the entire CatMan team.

Fazer Cropped

Working with CatMan has made the organisation more data-driven

We have mainly chosen to work with CatMan Solution for two reasons.
1: The intuitiveness and simplicity of the reports, ranging from simple to more advanced one
2: The opportunity to democratize data, making it accessible and understandable for everyone, even those not regularly dealing with sales data. This has made the organization more data-driven, enabling people at different levels to access and comprehend data easily. It has positively impacted on the type of questions I receive as a category manager, moving from basic performance queries to more advanced analytics questions.

I would also like highlight their support function, and how quick and friendly and helpful they are 🙂

Linus Johansson, Category & Space Manager – Fazer


Mondelez using CatMan solution to improve in store results

Using CatMan solution we track if the agreed assortment is sold in the store, enabling sales reps to take direct action if something hasn’t been sold.

We also use CatMan to measure the uplift of a campaign in a store, comparing sales with and without the campaign, providing proof of performance with fresh data available the week after.

Peter Liljeqvist, Commercial systems manager – Mondelez


CatMan Solution gives us the best when it comes to handling POS data

We chose CatMan because it gives us the best when it comes to handling POS data. 
We strongly believe in working with sell out data, so we want to use the partner who does the job best.

Using CatMan Solution – We save a lot of time by being able to quickly identify which challenges we have and where they are located.

As a sales leader, you want to put the resources where they are needed. I can quickly identify success factors and easily visualize it for other functions.

Anders Hedbom, Field Sales Manager – Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige


The reports are easily accessible for all team members without extensive training giving several functions a better understanding of the data

ICA has POS data, but the graphical representation in reports and dashboards provided by CatMan significantly aids discussions.

It allows for quick analysis of trends and sales comparisons between this year and the previous. 
In a recent discussion about new listings, the visual representation surprised the customers who were unaware of the sales uplift.

Patrik Löfving, Head of Category and Trademarketing Cheese division – Skånemejerier

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