Business Intelligence as a service

Based on our customers data our aim is to supply sufficient and relevant knowledge when needed.
To manage and handle all your different data smart and effective we have build our own engine which we call INITIUM.

From data to knowledge in four automated steps:

  • Ingestion – Processing – Analysis – Reporting

More business opportunities

Tracking business performance, optimizing your efforts and business results.
Pictures and Plans. Best practice field sales management, combining POS data, Promotion data and Pictures.
Improved innovation process analyzing NPI using both official consumer statistics and POS data.
Optimizing you promotion investments combining several data sources using machine learning.
Understanding regional and local sales potential combining demography data with POS data.
Prize optimization understanding individual products price elasticity.
Optimizing you media investments combining several data sources.
Improving on shelves availability and distribution understanding the zero sales causes.
Creating profit and loss statements though out the whole value chain


Get your own data supermarket

Most companies have access to many different types of data both internal and external such as ERP data, CRM data, POS Data, Market data, Media data etc.
Often these data come in various formats making it difficult and very time consuming to manage.

By using our service – The result is a dynamic data supermarket containing the data and data models you need to make sure that your business teams have the relevant knowledge and KPI’s which they need to take smart decisions.

We have experience in almost any type of data. CatMan Next is cloud based, using Azure gives you max security and flexibility.

Taking decisions based on knowledge and understanding.
Saving you lots of valuable hours, making it possible for you and your management team to focus on the essential in effective business and business management.


“From the start, we have had a close dialog with CatMan about our wishes and CatMan has been a very good business partner.”

Stig Lindeberg,
Category Specialist, Functional, Cluster Scandinavia

“With CatMan®Solution, our sales managers and sales reps gets a unique understanding of our sales store-by-store.”
Torben Hallengren
National Sales Manager at Colgate-Palmolive
“Our sales reps can quickly get an overview of, which products and categories that are performing or not performing in-store.”
Lisa Vexøe
Sales Operations Manager at Mondelez