CatMan Solution joins the NielsenIQ Partner Network

CatMan Solution is continuously developing its offering, adding more data sources that can be handled seamlessly for their clients. As a member of the NielsenIQ Partner Network, CatMan Solution gains streamlined access to industry-leading data, which provides unique opportunities and benefits to the CPG industry, as well as smarter and better offerings for CatMan clients.

“We are very excited and proud to join the NielsenIQ Partner Network, and what this will enable us to bring to our clients,” said Nils Thott, Commercial Director at CatMan Solution. “Now we can help our clients make sense of disparate data sources and connect them, which will enable our clients to easily bridge insights and save time. The opportunity to scale this collaboration with NielsenIQ internationally will open new opportunities and expand our client base which we are excited about.”

“The NielsenIQ Partner Network was formed to enable innovation and we are happy to add CatMan Solution to our growing list of advanced solution providers,” said Hans Feenstra, European Market Leader, NielsenIQ Partner Network. “The ability of CatMan Solution to integrate different data sources and provide user-friendly dashboards in PowerBi, will bring another layer of value to the CPG industry and help us to continue shaping a smarter market for our clients.”